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Pinder Opticians - Shawlands Burnside Glasgow
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Customer Testimonials

"My Lucca's cool Sunglasses"

My 4 year old came in for a routine eye exam and while his vision was perfect it was explained to me that the sun's harmful rays may cause early cataract when my child is older. I learned I could easily reduce the chance of this happening by investing in sunglasses from your great kids' range and now he has a pair just like his dad's and thinks he looks so cool !!! He wont leave the house without them. Great advice, thank you.

Gina Somerville

"My contact lenses do everything!!"

You have saved my life!! I used to have to wear reading glasses on top of my contact lenses but at Pinder's they are now fitting the newest multi focal contacts so there's no need to bother!! I now have the best possible range of vision at all distances sent straight to my home and I am not squinting at my phone and my eyes are not nearly as dry.

Great personal attention as always!

Ian Mcleod

"I love my prescription ski goggles"

Thank you, thank you, thank you Richard and your Team for helping me choose my new prescription ski goggles ! Just back from my annual visit to Tignes and I couldn't have been more confident. You excelled in your eye care as always and the fact that you asked me to bring in my ski helmet to check the fit with my goggles was paramount. Wish I'd invested in a pair years ago.

Annette Carmichael

"Don't I look great in these"

I have been a patient of Pinder Opticians for over 23 years and they consistently offer a first class service.The well-trained staff are wonderful, and you wont receive more professional care anywhere else.

Mrs Catherine Davis

"I love my contact lenses"

I have been wearing contact lenses from the age of fifteen and have always found them to be comfortable and easy to wear. I now wear Acuvue Oasys lenses which have high UV protection, I feel confident that they not only correct my vision but protect my eyes from the harmful rays of the sun. I also wear 1 Day contact lenses when I go to music festivals and its reassuring that no one can knock my specs off my face when we are all jumping about enjoying ourselves and I can throw them away after use.

I have always been confident in Pinder opticians as they look after my eyes, and are always keeping me up to date with any advancement in contact lenses. I always find the staff friendly and helpful.

Faye Davidson - Student

"Young eyes are fragile"

Having two children who wear glasses and have done from the ages of 7 & 8 months old I have always found Pinders to be friendly and professional. They can never do enough. I attribute my children being so good at wearing their glasses to the rapport that Pinders has built up with both them and myself.

Claire Steele

"My new sunnies were ready within short notice"

Having just collected my new Gucci prescription sunglasses, I have to commend all the staff at Pinders, once again, for their excellent service. Not only was I spoilt for choice, but my new sunnies were ready within short notice.

I have been a patient here for quite some time now and I could not recommend Mr Pinder and the staff more for their professional service, quality and attention.

Alison Holland

"Safety at work"

As an employer, looking after the eyecare of my workforce, I was very impressed with the efficicient way my employees were looked after. The advice and service by the optician and staff at Pinder Opticians was excellent, providing fair priced frames and lenses for both VDU and industrial use.

All eye exams were carried out efficiently in our work so little disruption was experienced in the working day.

William Girvan

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