Here at Pinder Eyecare, we specialise in providing the highest quality prescription sports eyewear. With over 30 years of Independent Optical Practice experience behind us, we have developed a reputation in practice for our expertise eyewear and contact lenses.

We are now bringing this expertise to you with sports eyewear. Our team of expert and professional optometrists have the knowledge and experience to produce the highest quality prescription sports eyewear that also meet your individual requirements.

There are a few factors to consider when purchasing sports eyewear, including a suitable tint with a comfortable fit. At Pinder Eyecare, we offer a range of both junior and adults sports eyewear at very competitive prices.

Our sports eyewear is suitable for a range of sports including:

image of women wearing goggles swimming


image of a football on a pitch


image of a tennis player about to serve


image of a baseball mitt