Contact lenses have never been so comfortable, affordable and easy to use. Almost anyone who wears glasses can wear contact lenses, as they are now available to suit most prescriptions.

Book a FREE contact lens comfort trial here and we’ll take the time to find the contact lenses to suit your vision needs whilst ensuring you’re confident using your new lenses before you take them home. We provide an excellent and essential aftercare programme for continued safe and comfortable wear.

Here’s the process of switching to contact lenses in three easy steps:


Eye Test

If you hold a valid optical prescription within its expiry date, another eye test to get contact lenses isn’t necessary. If you haven’t had an eye test in a while, you can easily book an appointment online here or just contact your local Pinder Eyecare Opticians.


Initial Assessment

Whether your assessment follows on from your eye test or you rearrange for another date, our initial FREE assessments involve spending time with one of our Optometrists to ensure that you have the right contact lenses for your eyes and lifestyle.



We offer FREE aftercare check-ups and these should take place between two to three weeks after you’ve began wearing your new contact lenses. We check how you’re getting on with your lenses and we discuss any issues you may have been having.

With Pinder Eyecare, you can discover how you could join 4.2 million others in the UK who now wear contact lenses.

Book your aftercare appointment here.