At Pinder Eyecare & Hearing Clinic we strive to provide each one of our patients with incomparable eye care in a comfortable and trusted environment.

Together, we build lasting relationships based on respect and an active commitment to your eye health and the community.

Our mission is to enlighten, educate, and serve our patients through attentive, connected, and family-oriented care.


I am the Optometrist based mainly in our Shawlands branch but do a few days in Burnside every week.

I trained at Glasgow Caledonian University and then completed my training in NHS Fife. My speciality is that I am an Independent Prescribing Optometrist which means I am able to treat a range of eye conditions and emergency eye situations in practice without the need of referring to hospital.

My interests are testing children and also in Myopia Management (controlling short sightedness) which I am currently studying through Caledonian Uni again. Here in Pinders we are gradually starting to offer these services within the practice.

The best part about practicing in Pinder Eyecare is being a small independent local practice and being able to offer a much more personal service. I also love having access to excellent clinical equipment/services which is so important due to community practices being the first port of call/primary care service for all eye health issues now.


Through my time as both a Dispensing Optician and Optometrist, I have worked throughout Glasgow & Edinburgh.

Having grown up in the Southside, I am delighted to now have the opportunity to serve my local community at Pinder Eyecare.

I have a strong interest in further education and I am now looking to add the Independent Prescribing qualification to my portfolio in the near future.

I love providing eyecare on a professional yet personal level. I'm always happy to help - whether that be with some advice on your eye health, glasses, or where I think you should book your next holiday!

When I'm not in work, I love to travel. I'm very lucky to have been to some pretty cool places. I also love to play football, golf and ski.


I qualified as an Optometrist in 2011 and have been lucky to enjoy a varying career since working all over Scotland, including the Highlands & Islands. Having found a home in Pinder Eyecare, this has given me access to the latest technologies and allowed me the time to get to know my patients and give the highest level of care I can. This is something that is very important to me.

I have a great passion in education and also work in Glasgow Caledonian University Eye Clinic supervising students in their final year of studies. This has inspired me to further my own education by studying towards the Independent Prescribing Qualification, allowing treatment of more complex eye conditions that would usually require referral to the hospital.

When not at work, I can usually be found spending time with family watching football or following Bruce Springsteen on his tours!

Comprehensive eye exams

Instead of waiting for disease to steal away your good healthy vision – modern eye care aims to preserve the good vision you have by identifying threats to your eye and vision health before it causes you preventable damage.

Cutting edge technology to diagnose and treat eye conditions
Not only brings digital technology with it a wealth of detailed information which we use to notice early changes to your eye health – but it also assist us in designing the most advanced lens designs to correct you vision.

Excellent quality product and service
Value is not about how much you pay – but about what you get for the money you pay. We only stock high quality product while ensuring that we can offer various options to suit your budget. Our recommendation aims to provide you with the best quality your money can buy.