Why Choose Pinder?

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At Pinder’s, our patients are at the heart of everything we do and that’s why we want to talk you through our values so you can understand us as a company better.

                                               Mission Statement 

          To impress our patients so much that they recommend us

                                      to their friends and family. 


Pinder’s Values

1. Patient-centred - It’s at the heart of what we do. We will discuss your options to enable you to make your own informed decision.

2. Outstanding Service – In our opinion, we believe face to face service is better than online.

3. Genuine – The Pinder team’s aim is patient retention not sales, we don’t oversell.         

4. Personal Styling – We are fully trained in frame styling and are passionate about finding a frame that suits every face.

 Looking good = feeling good.

5. Fashion Forward – We stock the latest trends, styles and timeless classics. Your frames are a fantastic way to showcase your personality and style.

6. Value for Money – Our diverse product mix caters for all budgets.