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Tiffany & Co Glasses Collection

Tiffany glasses are selling like a hot cake partially due to the reason is that brand now has reached levels of Prada and Armani.

Tiffany is a global brand. 

Tiffany glasses are easily recognizable for their cute charm design elements and also due to Tiffany blue colour.
Adding Tiffany blue to Tiffany glasses in combination with black and tortoise has been a great idea.


Tips for Buying Tiffany Sunglasses as a Present

1. Get conventional shape

You don’t want to play trendy when getting sunglasses depending who your buying them for as a gift.
Clearly you don’t know what they might like.
Unless they specifically pointed to you that they likes that one pair in the store, just get them classy rectangular or oval shaped sunglasses.


2. Pay attention to details

Today fashion world is mad about minimalism. It even may be something you like to wear.
Simple cut, monotone colour… Sunglasses for them can’t be simple. 
Remember it is a gift. It will be something they’ll cherish for the rest of her life.
Make sure your gift has nice details, crystals, flowers, nice decorations.


3. Pay attention what they wear today

If they already have one or two pairs of sunglasses, even very old ones, take a note of what it is.
They may even have their favourite pair that they wear all the time.
Depending on how old they are, they may have a pair that is from 70’s, even 60’s.
Don’t worry, luckily today, you can find a pair from any era.


4. Remember, low key does not mean boring

When you are getting sunglasses for your mom for example as a gift,
while sticking to classic designs as much as possible, you don’t need to be extreme. 

Sunglasses will look good only when they are updated, current and new in all regards.
Of course brand image will play a key role in this. Certain brand names are geared more toward teenagers, such as Marc Jacobs or Ray Ban. Others, more towards mature people. Tiffany is perfect for mature women.


 5. Trust your feelings

If you see something on the shelf and feel very strongly about it, go for it.
In the end it is gift from you for them.
If you are strongly opinionated and believe they need a pair of aviators, no problem. Or perhaps they are ready for a pair of butterfly shaped sunglasses just trust yourself and get them this. Tiffany ensured that even aviators are classy, elegant and chic.


6. Packaging is also important

In today’s material world packaging often becomes as important and it’s content.
The moment of unwrapping a gift is quite indulging and pleasurefull. But Tiffany took packaging a step further.
Their blue box is a true icon. There were countless movies made showing Tiffany blue box with white ribbon. Believe it or not, Tiffany sunglasses packaging is just as awesome as engagement rings. It also has a blue box, shiny blue hard case and silky blue cotton cloth. Packaging alone is worth getting Tiffany’s for a gift.


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