Superdry Prescription Glasses & Sunglasses for Men & Women

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Founded in 2003 when designers Julian Dunkerton and James Holder joined forces 
to create and develop a new in-house brand.

Superdry has since gained popularity and recognition as being one of the most popular brands around today.

More recently, Superdry has expanded into the world of eyewear with stylish glasses.

Superdry is a fusion of British tailoring with vintage
Americana styling and Japanese graphics making it a popular international brand.

This same style and branding is visible on their glasses collection.

Superdry glasses maintain a retro, classic look which are crafted in a variety of unusual materials including bamboo.

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This spring is a great time to revamp your look with your favourite brand. Superdry's
latest eyewear collection now available at Pinder Eyecare and Hearing Clinic.